Presentation When Selling

Styling your home and presenting it in a way that attracts a larger market can be an integral part of a successful sale or purchase.

There are proven psychological principles associated with the presentation of a home when purchasing or selling. Lack of presentation can essentially decrease your property’s value in the eyes of a perspective buyer.

5 Simple tips presenting your home are listed below:

  1. Remove Clutter:
  2. Remove excess items, any rubbish, washing etc. Clutter can distract potential buyers from the home itself. Removing clutter also enhances the floor/ walls and overall feeling of space in the property.

  3. Decrease Personal Items:
  4. Temporarily removing personal items such as large portraits, photos, clutter on fridges and personal belongings can help the perspective buyer to envisage their own unique styling of the property.

  5. Neat and Tidy:
  6. Removing dishes from sinks, vacuuming floors, removing any large marks or stains and overall presenting the property as clean and tidy creates a comfortable environment for buyers and shows the property has been well cared for.

  7. Yards Maintained and Free of Litter:
  8. You know the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” The front yard is your homes first impression. Manicured gardens, short well watered grass and neat and tidy appearance may entice the buyer to inspect the property beyond the front lawn.

  9. Ask a Professional:
  10. All properties are unique in the fact that each will have a particular target market. Ask a Kindred Agent to give you some simple yet tailored advice on your unique property and what might entice buyers.

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